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31 August 2012 @ 01:26 am
catching up  
its been forever since i posted anything beside just browsing coms here and there, mostly following up on spoilers and stuff while waiting for new fall seasons of my fav shows and getting through school.

So far its been going great, i've been working in the summer at my university with my great funny friends and with my boy friend who just bc he is younger seems to get me and really treats me the way i like even though we have problems he really works to make it right and i love him for that and he has such a cute dog who evn though isnt as friendly nor likes to be around ppl is adorable when he wants human foood mostly ice cream, he can sense the freeser opening and when he sees a bucket of ice cream he will walk over and use his puppy face to get a scoop or he will sit there till he gets it. his dog will eat anything u give him depending on smell but he doesnt care if it chocolate bc he will eat it and not ive a damn what it is as long as its food he eats it since he grew up eating human foods rather then dog food bc well he didnt like it and his dog is scared of being alone when there a storm he will howl and cry til my bf opens the door to his room so he can crawl under and whine til it ends. his dog is just a cutie...i love spending time at his place too bc his dog is there and theres real food at his place then mine lol that he over feeds me that i grown to gain a belly and need to work out the junk he has fed me lol.

been watching summer shows as well and opened up a fan site for COvert Affairs hot Besties Annie and AUggie bc THERE WAS NO SUCH SITE MADE EVER SINCE THE SHOW CAME OUT, I MEAN CMON WHO DOESNT THINK OF A AUGGIE/ANNIE FAN SITE!!! TEHEHEEEEE that and i know im being soooo bad at updating my other sites but Haven is on hiatus til GUH Sept 21 which is sooooooooooooooo far away and hawaii five 0 as well and Daniela Ruah site which gets minor updates since she is filming s4 and the BBC MErlin royal pair Arthur/Gwen needs more work and will. Not that i dont want to update but it lacks in me and I barely have made any icons for LJ god time just makes tings hard to do. The lap top seems to also feel like it might be at its end bc the charging isnt as good as it was before but it hangs in there.......i need new stuff to get me to make stuff which is sometimes posted on my tumblr here and there which should be more on LJ but its grown on me to post there since it takes more work to do it on here....

I kno there are new promo pics and such that have been out for a while but making graphics so far kinda has bored me mainly icon style which i do love making, im learning new coloring techniques and stuff but mainly on bigger works that r sometimes on tumblr.