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25 September 2010 @ 04:36 pm
Last nights Haven ep was a bit of a bummer but still awesome just lacked any great Audrey/Nathan scenes besides a radio communication and a semi return to shore with bad guys and Audrey give each other sort of a look and nod and a few words.Luved Audrey tellin Duke wat to do via earpiece and WOW he really did as she commanded hehehe like literally strip wit a bit of hesitation on Duke but he still did it and knocked out the bad guy while in his briefs and had audrey lol'in a bit.

Nathan/Chief scenes were a plus also wit nathan hatin his dad and how the chief wants to sort of fix their broken relationship but cant bc there really isnt a way to fix something that nathan doesnt want in return, Nathan had so much anger in sense with his father for the lies and denials his dad put him in when as a child and with the Ideopathic Neuropathy which isnt really something Nathan has, he's afflicted and his dad knew all this time about it and never really said anything to him and just made him believe it was the I.N all this time when it was the Troubles that surfaced to cause the numbness. We also learned Nathan's mother died and she was the only one that could fix their problems but wit her dead they r where they r which was sad and sort explains y Nathan never would call the chief his dad as much.

The bad guys were a bit funny and kind of was like BORING, one guy had powers to read their thoughts while the other was a normal dumb bad guy just long to get things and such. THe mind reader was a bit looney which is understandable since he was a psych patient and the more he reads thoughts the more it gets to him mentally.

Duke on the other hand is just plain bad yet has a sense of humor to him and he seemed to be broken inside since the colorado kid thing, the effects must of changed who he ended up becoming since Julia mentioned that he had dreams and the life he has now wasnt one of them. WOnder if julia will bring it up wat the so called dreams he had were. He's a smuggler for the richest and top people and he really doesnt care wat the job is as long as he gets paid for it and doesnt even question the stuff he takes to other places. Someone wit a mind would at least have some wonder about y they need things smuggled and wat the items r but not Duke.

The Duke and Julia scenes were nice and that she really thought she knew him but had no idea this was who he became and sort of made julia see not everyone is who they thought they were after being gone so long.Julia is a nice addition in a way to the gang since she has a bit of history as well to haven and even wit being gone so long she dreads being here but still stays either way. Hope she comes back in season 2 and maybe lighten Duke up some then have him be so gloomy and just plain old Duke, he needs someone like Julia in his life since Audrey isnt that interested in him that way.Julia also still seems to have some buried feelings for him that might surface =) I dont get y ppl like Jess more that Julia when jess didnt seem to fit in haven and julia does theres more to julia then there is to Jess.

Cant wait to see next Fridays episode and to dread knowing it ends in the following weeks and the wait for confirmation is gonna dread loooonger. The show has some great elements and character developments r much better in the back eps since the begining had some episode confusion to them and the bonds the characters all have r growing more and being expressed well by Emily,Lucas and ERic and Michelle and Nicholas. How can ppl not be into such a great syfy friday night show, unless ppl dont have cable which is normal and the only way to watch them is usually online but still there is so much HAVEN can offer to newbies and growing fans =)


WOW the begining scenes were just BLOWING my MIND, we finally see the aftermath of last season finale conclusion with Shane holding Lucy and Danny tryin to get Shane to let Lucy go and Lindsay wakes to hear the convo over the baby com and slow motion grabs her gun and casing and places it in the gun and goes to the room pointing the gun at Shane who is holding Lucy. Lindsay and Danny try to remain calm and make sure shane doesnt harm Lucy which in my thought he was gonna but Lindsay momma instincts took over and when she had a clear shot she took it and the bullet went straight into Shane and phew missed Lucy literally. Danny grabs Lucy fron Shanes cold hands as he falls and Lindsay walks over to her baby and drops the gun in the process and grabs onto Lucy.

that hole moment was EPIC and just had me holding my breath when the gun went off thinkin did she really shoot him wit lucy in shanes hands but she did wat any protective momma would have done for their babies kill to protect them and she was lucky that shane sort of had the need to stretch out in a sense for her to get a clear shot though the chest.

The metal ceremony after 5months was a nice moment for lindsay but flashbacks were freaky to see again. In a way understandable for lindsay to go through all that and remember that she killed someone and knowing she got a medal for it made it hard for her to accept it that day but held it together.

Luv Sela Ward, shes a great addition to the cast even thought Melina is gone which hopefully comes back like Grissom done a few times to check in on them and such would be nice. Sela character Jo is fiesty and funny, she makes it fun and the banter she has starting with Mac is a nice thing like when he and Stella were like that in the begining. Its progressing which shows they do have great chemistry off and on screen to make it show on screen is great.

The episode did well ona friday which i thought could of done more better but moving days does sometimes suck. The team is ever the same and great science stuff and solving crimes as always. Danny is still awesomely HOT as is Don both keep looking HOT even if they r like around their 40's.

Great stuff to watch Fridays =D
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Hannah Banana!hazz23 on September 25th, 2010 10:58 pm (UTC)
I agree about Haven. It was a pretty mah episode but I guess we needed this type of ep to further along certain elements in the show.
Its interesting about Chief and the FBI dude together wanted Aurey in Haven. They obviously know more about who she is.

It was good to see some more of Duke. I think its kind of cool that we got to have a character who isn't trying to rationalise what he does. He admited it and he likes it. I like the idea of Julia being a new element in his life that could change things? idk. I like her as an addition to the cast.

I hope it gets renewed!!! Is next week the finale?
azangal_iconsazangal_icons on September 25th, 2010 11:58 pm (UTC)
the week after next week is the finale then its a while till syfy decides on renewals hopefully the ratings go up by then too.