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22 September 2010 @ 01:27 am
warehouse 13 finale EPIC SAD =(  
Finally got to watch Warehouse 13 and it was SAD, Myka(Joanne Kelly) leaving was so unexpected and just heartfelt wit her words being read out loud by Ms F and then Pete running out the warehouse to try and stop her but she drives of by the time he could tell her or stop her and the camera zooming in on Pete's face as it closes was so EPIC and SAD. I get she feels like she will have to 2nd guess everything if she stayed bc of a choice she believed was right by having H.G Wells join the team only to be double crossed and betrayed by someone who seemed to be innocent. Myka was more of the adult between her and Pete and she kept it together but damn HG Wells ruined it and made Myka question things she never thought she needed. Cant wait to see wat they come up with and hope it really doesnt mean the end for Myka(Joanne Kelly) bc with out her the team will never be the same and even wit her gone it would be more crazy and Claudia wont be able to keep Pete focused forever.

Pete and Myka were wat made me watch the show and wit her gone its gonna be hard to watch so she better come back and pete better convince her bc she changed his mind on staying when in all she was the one leaving.