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13 September 2010 @ 10:53 pm
Rizzole&Isles finale was EPIC  
Ok Rizzole&Isles finale is OMFG the epicest TNT show ever!! Jane was epic in the end when she shot herself to kill the bad cop that was holding her hostage in front of her team/friends. I was sitting on the edge of my seat and just freaken was speechless and wanted mooooooore. It sucked it only had a 1hr finale but felt it should of had 2 where there could of been more and not have me waiting till season 2 to find out what happens to Jane and Frankie(her brother) since he had a collapsed lung and internal bleeding and jane being so sisterly was just WOW, she was really fighting to keep her bro alive and make Maura save her lil bro even though she's a forensic pathologist Jane really pushed her knowledge and Maura to use everything she learned to keep Frankie alive till they can get out the blding which was under lockdown due to a group of crazed drug dealers and a cop who turned bad.

The end scene was the EPIC of them all, Jane was taken hostage and brought outside the precinct and her team/the police force was ready but couldnt take the shot bc Jane was used as a shield very tightly and they had no clear shot. Jane kept struggling and fighting against the dude and in slow mo the gang still couldnt get a clear shot so jane fought wit the guys gun and pointed at her upper abdomen and struggled to get a shot but did and Maura runs out in slow mo racing to get to Jane and Frost and Barry both in slow mo run to Jane. The slow motion sequence made it awesome and the show really is awesome.

Angie is fierce and strong and keeps the men she works wit in line and are close to her team and family is also important to her,SHe really brings out Jane and has a tom boy like persona and balances it with some fun and works hard on solvin her cases. Maura is just utterly funny and always wearing high end cloths while at crime scenes and at work. Brought up in the workd of rich and powerful and the brains she blends Jane well and they mix and match and yin and yang well. Frost and Vince are also great asset to the team while they bicker bc Jane and Frost r now parners and Vince was her's before but then went wit new ones they still do everything they can to keep Jane and Maura safe and work together in the time of need to be partners.
Hannah Banana!: glee; ...but she can singhazz23 on September 14th, 2010 02:27 pm (UTC)
R & I is amazing. I love the dynamic between Jane and Maura.
OMG the finale was pretty intense! The ending was amazing but I need to know what happens!!! lol
Yeah the slow motion really did add to the tensions and emotion of that scene. You weren't sure how hurt she was and the reaction from the team.
azangal_iconsazangal_icons on September 14th, 2010 07:46 pm (UTC)
rewatched it and they showed Jane at the end bleeding but panned on her face as she was down. thought she didnt really shoot herself either but the way the gun was pointed and her moving towards her right side and the gun goin off and they both went down so it was like OMFG and Maura and her ex partner and Frost in slow mo react and bring that suspense so well.
m_m43m_m43 on September 15th, 2010 01:14 am (UTC)
Last nights Season Finale was very intense!!!